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Improve the click ratio of your newsletter!

You can appreciate the new features of the buttons, which can be even more customized! For instance, you can choose new shapes for the buttons, as well as the layout of your text.

What’s more, these will increase the click ratio of your newsletters, because, on the contrary of images, these will directly display in your messages!

an efficient image editor!

The integrated Mailpro image editor lets you work on your images online. You can easily add text to your images, resize them, add filters and much more!

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Phone calls from your newsletters

A new funcitonality in the newsletter construction tool lets you create buttons for automatic phone calls from your newsletters in a very easy way.

This way, you can increase the response to your newsletter and its rate of conversion. Test it yourself by integrating this functionality in your next newsletter. Connect to your account.

The Mailpro newsletters are easily publishable on social media

During this summer, we worked on the enhancement of Mailpro and we are happy to offer you the easier sharing of your newsletters on the major social media sites.

During this summer, we worked on the enhancement of Mailpro and we are happy to offer you the easier sharing of your newsletters on the major social media sites.

Try Mailpro mobile!

You can now access your Mailpro account from cellphone, as 95% of its functions are now available on your device.
Our application is compatible with Android and IOS.
Your can list your address books, you can also search, modify and delete your emails.
You can, for example, see your messages to validate a colleague’s work. You can test your messages with our check spam and program mailings or cancel mailings in progress.
You’re not in the office but you would like to quickly send a newsletter? You can do that as well as see the history of mails in progress.
From your cellphone you can track your email campaigns and view their details in real time. You can see the clicks, openings, geo-localisation or client emails.
Our application is compatible with Android and IOS.
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Improvements: Recovery in the unopened

Our development team is pleased to announce a great improvement that many of our users were waiting for:
The email campaigns with automatic recovery.

What does that mean?
It means that Mailpro will analyze unread emails campaigns and will automatically resend them to corresponding recipients in the address book.

What is the advantage?
It will increase newsletters' reading rate without disturbing people who have already viewed this email. The statistics will be consolidated.

The Automatic newsletter builder!

We have the great pleasure to announce an improvement that will make your life easier! The Automatic newsletter builder (Beta version).

You can add elements (texts/images), buttons, adjust the cells with your mouse and images automatically resize themselves!

Watch the demo video:

Editing of the automatic links that are included in your messages.

Many of you asked us to be able to edit and change the position of automatic message sentences such as "click here to unsubscribe” or “If you don’t see this email correctly, please click here".

You can edit now a text to suit your needs and define the location of these phrases in your message by adding the variable « $linkTop$ » and« $linkBottom$ » in your message. In the case that these variables are not detected by our system , the system will work as before and automatically add the links to your newsletter.

Improvements of Mailpro V. 5.1

Test your Message for free
Send a free test (or copy to press) on one of your sending email address. If you need to send to a couple of email addresses then create an address book and do the same than for a normal emailing campaign.

Don't loose your work anymore!
We save now the history of your latest modification of your messages. You can return to your latest changes for a maximum of 5 times.

Connect XPP with Mailpro
New connector with XPP CRM: With the plug-in Mailpro in xpp CRM you can easily get a combination of content (news, promotions, events, etc.) – target (prospects, clients, by regions, countries, turnover, field of business activity, etc.) that is more efficient than ever for all your future e-mailing campaigns. Target better for better communication!

Compare e-mail campaigns

You now can group several e-mail campaigns together and compare them. You could thus generate a PDF and see how it will look.

New plug-ins


Joomla : A mail connector links your Joomla newsletter into a Mailpro address book.


Drupal : A mail connector links your Drupal newsletter into a Mailpro address book.


Prestashop : a connector links Prestashop customers to Mailpro.


Training videos updated.

We have updated our video content (thanks to Romain) and created new training pages that are simpler to use.
These videos are also available on YouTube and Dailymotion.

Help for using the free models

Due to popular demand, we have made available a  PDF Guide to help you use the free models! You can download it here.

Version 5.0 of Mailpro emailing is available!

Today is the release date of Version 5.0 of Mailpro e-mailing software!  We explain down below what’s new for you to use.

This new version has new e-mail tools to make your life easier.  You don’t have to upgrade to this new version yet—the old version will remain in place several months—but you can try out what will be your future Mailpro.

Spam check

First, this new version allows you to do a final verification before sending.  It happens that some e-mailings contain spam words, broken links or are too heavy.  These details are important since they can prevent entry into a reception box.  Thanks to the spam check, you control your e-mail and ensure your derivability.  Moreover, the Mailpro partner, Mailcleaner, analyzes your e-mail to detect any elements which could flag it as spam. 


Before, if you organized your database into geographic segments, you might have had trouble situating some prospects.  This new geolocalization service is based on internet connection data and on IP addresses reserved for suppliers; it allows you to see by country or by city where your prospects are situated. 

Importing Excel files

Do you save your Excel files into CVS?  Now you can directly import Excel files (XLS or XLSX).  This function saves you time, but it’s also much more practical!

100% compatible with iPad

The old flash graphics were not viewable on iPad.  Now Mailpro is entirely compatible thanks to Google graphic tools.  You can now consult all of Mailpro wherever you go. 

A better economy

This new version allows regular users to benefit from certain navigation habits.  New users can utilize Mailpro quickly and easily thanks to the « Startup » function.
All you need is to try Mailpro and adopt it! 
E-mailingly yours, the Mailpro teams

Email marketing software Mailpro V.5.0 compatible with Windows 8

Following the launch of Windows 8 by the Redmond company, we are pleased to inform you that Mailpro Emailing is compatible with Windows Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

New Mailpro Connectors

Back from summer holidays, we are pleased to present the first two plug-in that will allow you to connect your Magento e-commerce site or webstie Wordpress with Mailpro.

Our goal is save your time to avoid having to synchronize your database with Mailpro by importing it on our platform.

See plugin emailing

Summer sales from July 15 to August 15

Every day a new offer on our website!
Save for your marketing!




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Update of our Newsletter templates HTML

We just updated newsletter’s models for all these themes: football team, golf, Restaurant, Pub, Bars, Night clubs, Garages.

See our new HTML newsletter templates

Improvements in process:

Real estate agency
Beauty Salon
Travel Agency
Security Agency
Equestrian Club
Tennis club
Basketball clubs
Water sports
School / Universities
Teaching / courses

Don't hesitate to ask for more templates! 

Mailpro Emailing Marketing API Json and XML

It’s a big day for the team! After all your requests, we inform you that API Mailpro are available from now on.
You can now link Mailpro to your CRM, ERP, work software.
You can make the activation of the API from your account with a simple mail to the technical support team.
You can consult the documentation of the API online in your account, configuration tab.

Visit Email Marketing API 

Installation of a second datacenter for AgenceWeb SA

As Internet specialists, our focus is to provide our clients with high-level service and flawless data reliability.  

We celebrate today the deployment of our second datacenter on the Swiss territory, more specifically in Zurich. The objective is to establish a direct connection between this new datacenter and the existing one. The 300 km separating the two locations can be answered within a few milliseconds, a source of pride for Mr. Martinelli, the new CIO of the company.

AgenceWeb SA does not pretend to offer a flawless service, since no network can be guaranteed failure-free. After considering the worst case scenario, in which both the network and the servers would be unavailable we decided to establish this second datacenter that could operate in the event of a breakdown, and, more importantly, make substitution backups to avoid any data losses. In addition, the two datacenters will also offer you a server infrastructure so that you do not need to possess your own.

Regarding this new infrastructure, AgenceWeb SA CEO Régis Courbat adds:

“We offer today a highly redundant infrastructure with geo-localization to our SME  customers who need local services in the first place. This second datacenter is also part of our strategy of hosted applications spearheaded by our Mailpro service.”

For Mailpro™ e-mailing software, these datacenters are of crucial importance. They allow their users to store all their databases, but also their e-mailings and newsletters.

AgenceWeb SA offers not only hosting services, but also secure and available housing at any time.

Login with Facebook & Google

You noticed it or already activated ? Now you can open a Mailpro ™ account or log to Mailpro ™ directly by clicking on the Facebook link on the login page. To activate it, simply enter the email address of your Facebook account in your account settings.

Test it now !

Updated statistics about emailing campaigns

Updated statistics about emailing campaigns

We have the pleasure to inform you that we have modified the display of the results of your emailing campaigns in order to add more clarity to the results. We have improved the graphics that show you how many newsletters were opened and the clicks on your emails as well as an overview table on the right side.

All previous campaigns have been modified in this new system. The other improvements will follow soon.

How to customize your newsletters in a simple way ?

How to customize your newsletters in a simple way?

First of all, when you import your email address books (mailing list), you have the possibility to add 25 additional fields which allow you to customize your newsletters. For example: Name, First name, Discount code, Title, etc.

Then all you need to do is to decide where you want to add these dynamic elements in your newsletter. To do this, you can place your pointer where you want to add a dynamic field, click on the second button of the editor and choose a field to insert.

Our emailing campaign delivery platform takes care of everything else.

New: free updated newsletter templates

New: free updated newsletter templates

We added standard templates in different colors to suit as many requests as possible.

These templates were tested on the main email clients (Outlook, Mail, Thundermail, etc.) as well as on the main webmail clients (Gmail, Hotmail, Orange, Yahoo, etc.).

To use them, you just have to connect to your account (or create a free account), click on “add a message” and then choose one of the offered templates. They are located in the “Standard” category.

How to change the background color for your newsletters ?

How to change the background color for your newsletters?

We added a button in out HTML editor that allows you to change the background color of your newsletter, easily, with no need to edit the HTML source code.

It suffices to click on the first button from the top-left of the page and change the color.

Exporting all fields

The exporting of address books from the statistics now includes all personalized fields

Thanks to the conservation of personalized fields, you can use the exported address book directly for your emailing. You can do this easily even if your newsletters contain personalized fields.

As a reminder, it is possible to export emails which were opened, clicked or not opened during your previous campaigns. Exporting these address books allows you to resend some emails, in accordance with your marketing strategy.

Sort your address books

New possibilities for sorting your address books

It is now possible to sort your address books by their title, date of creation or the number of emails. To do this just click on the arrows next to the column headings in the address tab.

New HTML editor and file manager

mailpro™ integrates the latest version of the CK Editor and CK Finder

This update allows a better compatibility with smartphones and tablets, in particular with systems using Android and IOS. Furthermore, the editor is already optimized for the upcoming IOS 5.

The image manager now allows you to upload more files at the same time. You will not need to wait for the previous upload before sending a new image or a new document. This feature is especially useful for those who use design their own newsletters.

Using Google Analytics in your emailings

Calculate the number of visitors on your website coming from your newsletter.

Do you use Google Analytics for your site? If you do, then you can optimize your emailing in order to track the visits they generate. To do that, you can just add some elements to your hypertext links. Google Analytics will be able to identify which visits are coming from your emailing campaign.

Several options are possible in order to allow you to analyze the email address, the emailing campaign etc… Furthermore, it is possible to use this technique for split-tests in order to select the email marketing campaigns which are most relevant.

See our Google Analytics guide


Increase your click-through rate!

Increase your click-through rate!

According to an internal research, we have noticed that our newsletters that have a button that is visually important have double click-through rates than the average click number.

Knowing that many of you are experts in web design, we implemented a small and simple feature: the button creator!

So you can create buttons to suit your design with a few clicks and integrate them into your newsletters.

Test it: Button creator and increase your clicks number!

The buttons have a lifespan of one year on our system.

Dynamic fields in the URL are now possible with tracking.

Dynamic fields in the URL are now possible with tracking

You can use these dynamic URLs for:

  • Pre-populate forms on your sites
  • Create polls with ID
  • Update your internal databases (CRM and others)
  • Integrate other modules of internal tracking
  • Enable auto-login into your applications
  • Etc.

Export of address book

Export of address book

We have added among the action buttons, a direct export button. If you would like to export a single booklet, the selection of the export button at the end of the list is not necessary anymore.

New offers Mailpro™

An update of our offers with a larger range of credits

For the start of this school year 2011, Mailpro™ updates its offers with:

  • Credits with unlimited validity (customer credit)
  • Subscriptions of 2000 credits monthly for smaller e-mailings
  • A larger range regarding credits and subscriptions

Following several demands of our clients, we have done a better segmentation for small scale e-mailings. Our new offers propose volumes more adapted for small and medium-sized companies and associations. Due to this new segmentation, you will find the offer that best suits your needs!

Discover the new offers

New summer-templates for your newsletters

It's summer, adjust your newsletters and email marketing to summer colors!

Mailpro™ marketing software offers 13 new templates for free newsletters. You can find these templates in your Mailpro™ account, ready to use. If you do not have an account, open a free test account or visit our templates gallery.

We take advantage of this news to wish you a happy summer!


Mailpro™ offers you the emailing guide

This guide is free and is adapted for the Mailpro™ users.

Discover the Mailpro™ emailing guide. Whether you are a novice or an expert the Mailpro™ emailing guide will help you with your campaigns. This guide presents a common thread of the various steps necessary for the achievement and success of your email marketing and newsletters and presents good practices in this field.

Download the emailing guide now


Delete your previous campaign statistics

Cleanup your campaign history

From now on, you can delete the statistics of your previous campaigns. By performing this type of cleaning you will gain display speed. Statistics can be deleted seven days after sending emailing.

Choose your language in Mailpro™

Change the language in Mailpro™

You or your colleagues prefer working in English? Mailpro™ is usable in 6 languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Simply choose your language from the drop-down list displayed at the top right in your Mailpro™ account.

You can change the language anytime. Handy if you share your emailing software with colleagues from different native language.

Updated statistics services

Updated for Explorer 9 and Android

The statistics now integrate the latest versions of browsers including IE9 and the users of smartphones and Android are identified as well. Adapt your emailing better thanks to Mailpro™ statistics!

Take advantage of the new image manager

New graphical editor

The collection of our products, including Mailpro™ and Publishpro™, integrate an improved graphical editor. Now, managing your images is easy with:

  • Display of images in galleries
  • Selection with double-click (attention, previously, the selection was done with one click)
  • Option with right-click
  • Resizing of images is now simplified
  • Preview of images is now more efficient
  • Download
  • Thumbnails selection

Login to discover the new functionalities!

IPV6 Day

On the 8th of June there will be a global test of the IPv6 standard

The biggest actors of the Web (Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, …) will make a full-scale test for the IPv6 standard. This test will take one full day and has the goal of preparing the implementation of this new standard.

The IP is a unique address for internet connection. The current standard, IPv4, has a limited number of possible addresses. This limite has already bee reached and this is why it’s imperative to introduce a new standard which allows the attribution of a bigger number of addresses. IPv6 can cover this need.

Thus, June 8 is a big day to watch on the web. This full-scale test will allow to identify if the various actors of the web are ready to adopt the new IP. According to Google, this transition will not be a problem for 99.95% of the users.

Google Blog Link